Thursday, October 11, 2012

Inspiration from Art

The 2012 Dragon*con was a source of some surprising inspiration for me. One of the things I discovered  was the art work of Dan Dos Santos. His work glows! I went to his presentation and was beyond impressed. One of his paintings is "Shiva's crown" and depicts a woman with a fantastic headpiece and an unreadable expression...and I keep wondering...what is she thinking?

From there I bunny trailed to Dan's Blog and found some more amazing art. One particular piece ( has this woman/spirit hovering over a warrior on a beach. She touching his head and his heart- which evokes some Catholic imagery (to me). Again I wonder...what lead them to this point? Is he aware of her? What is she thinking?

 Another favorite of mine is Michael Parkes' Gargoyle painting. This one I actually have a print of- I fell in love with it while in grad school and it was the first piece of art I bought when I got a job. The gargoyle is jumping...reaching after a bubble...why? Is it something about the little girl blowing the bubbles- like a pied piper effect? One more piece that leaves me wondering...

So anything begs to have it's story told, deserves to have a story told- even if it just one I made up. This is my next mini project- as I await the muse to return to my current book-in-progress. I hope to tease him (yes him!) back with little vignettes...look out for them soon as I'll be posting here for feedback.