Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Complaints of an Ingrate

It's one thing to be partial to complaining- it's totally unacceptable to be a blatant ingrate. Unfortunately that's just what I am...

The neighbors on either side of my little town house each have kids. Since the back yards are fenced off and so small to begin with the kids have taken to playing across the unfenced front lawns- their two and mine in the middle of course.

Not being the greatest fan of kids, that is somewhat irritating. I'd be willing to tolerate this though, if it weren't for the litter the brats and their friends scatter across my little lawn. Seriously?!?! Were they brought up in the labasse?? Popcorn packaging, popsicle paper and gummy bears (chewed naturally!) have all had their turn to decorate my front lawn.

Finally, I decided to revamp the front lawn this past weekend and I de-trashed it, spread some topsoil, reseeded it with fescue and watered. I was resolved- the lawn would look great (eventually) and the kids would stay off my lawn or get muddy/wet in the mean time.

Monday morning I placed a handful of day lilies at the top of my lawn- to have a look see at how they'd suit the spot...they did just fine and I left them there with intentions to plant them in the afternoon. When I came back from work the kids were playing on one of the adjacent plots and lilies were all a-kilter...OK, Anna...calm down...probably it was the wind- it had become quite windy after all...but no- the lilies were toppled and the soil shaken off from the roots- I've yet to make the acquaintance of such a clever wind!

Well, now I'm sort of bored with complaining- being cross is fun for only so long I guess :)

There's more stuff of course...there always is...just I'm so fortunate that I feel sort of guilty that such small things bug me- no matter how temporarily...plus griping gets really dull really really quickly! I shall continue the saga (of trivial irritations) when next that mood strikes :}

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