Monday, May 18, 2009

Quiet Weekend

Purple and yellow- those are the colours I'm planting in my garden. I actually found a purple-ish rose! There's already a yellow. My rule about roses is that they must look good and smell good and strong- which is how I managed to resist buying a few more- there were several interesting colours in a tiny rose variety- none had much of a smell so I stuck with my larger purple.

Now, my garden is super tiny because I've got an itty bitty town some amount of effort goes into just curbing my enthusiasm!! There are other coloured flowers too...the main stuff are purple or yellow though...I planted a japanese maple my first year- it looks soooo happy- plus it hides the neglected corner at the very back of the garden :)

In my first year I planted jasmine and put in a little arch for them to grow over. There's a short brick path leading from the silly concrete square of a patio to the arch and back gate. It took several weekends to lay out and I'm very proud of it- even if it has become overgrown in places. I've hung a bird feeder on the arch and a wind chime- there is no more a pleasant time waster than gardening!!!

This weekend I bought a few day lilies to plant out front, I planted the lavender, verbena and a couple other things in a flower bed against the house and mulched them all. Saturday was the perfect weather for that sort of thing- warm and overcast. I also spread an entire bag of garden soil in the front lawn and reseeded the lawn. Partly because the lawn looks fairly pathetic...partly because the neighbourhood kids keep playing on the lawn and leaving litter...blech.

My Aunti gave me pimento seeds a couple years back- hopefully they are still viable- because my supply of pimento is almost through. I do have lots of big leaf thyme- gotta remember to give Bev her plants. I've made two failed attempts at growing bandania- I'm not sure what to do differently- the seeds are just so tiny I think they get washed away when I water the soil. Well, maybe the third time will be the charm:}

Fisher insisted on making a pest of himself this weekend. Every time I stopped to survey the outcome of planting he'd shuffle over to beg for a cuddle. When I'd bend over to scoop up some soil he'd scoot in under me and look up expectantly. Anyone would think he was totally neglected with the way he begs (and sometimes demands) attention. When I'd finished mulching the flower bed he goes and lays next to it and smooshes one of the lavender plants with his big paw- and looks up at me all innocent! I didn't know if to laugh or scream- so I turned the hose on him. He moved off super pronto after that!

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