Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So...I'm not hungry...I'm angry...actually pissed off. Ate "healthy" all yesterday. Enjoyed it too. Just hate to have any restrictions- one of my old profs called it "reactance"...basically resisting doing something because there is some externat pressure to do that.

So...what's that all about- dunno...control? will power?greed? gluttony? nuhuh...don't think so- just it feels good to be full- probably physiological...and I don't want any rules...wanting to do what I want to do- not very mature of me I suppose- ah well...I did manage yesterday and let's see how things turn out today.

In the meantime it's back to working for "the man" ...

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  1. Oh the agony of the ice cream social! Had icecream amd soda- gak! Well I was felling droopy- moral of this story is...don't go early to these things...empasis on social and not ice cream- me? social??? surely not I!!...and plan on eating sthg in the afternoon...

    I do feel sunshiny and happy now though :}